When was the last time I breastfed?

The StillApp tells you.


Time capturing

A simple timer that records breastfeeding periods only. Get started with a single tap.

Night mode

The StillApp has a dark theme so it doesn’t blind you when you’re breastfeeding your baby at night.


When, how often and how long did you breastfeed? The StillApp knows.

How does it work?

The StillApp has a very simple structure. It only records your breastfeeding times. No more and no less.

Choose the side to start with

Next time, the StillApp will show you which side you stopped with. You start the timer with a tap on „L“ or „R“. When changing breasts (or afterwards) tap the other side. You can also pause the timer at any time.

You started a few minutes earlier?

No problem! Simply add the appropriate minutes using the „+1“ button. So you can start breastfeeding and start the timer in peace while your baby is drinking.

Add and correct recordings

You can add new recordings and edit existing ones at any time. So it doesn’t matter if your smartphone is somewhere else.

Use end time instead of start time

You don’t want to know when your baby last started drinking, you want to know when it stopped?
No problem: set the StillApp according to your wishes.

Test the StillApp now

Install the StillApp now and test all functions free of charge for seven days. After that, you can continue to use the free version of the app. Buy it to use the full range of functions.